Merry-go-round cards

We have a lovely range of Merry-go-round cards available at Books Illustrated. 

You can buy them individually or create a pack of 4 or 6 of your choice. Click here to be directed to an online order form. Alternatively, send your order via email or
over the phone (03) 9534 7751.

Prices (not including postage)

Individual cards: $4.95
Pack of 4 cards: $16.95
Pack of 6 cards: $23.95

Christmas Pack of 4'Turtle Doves" and "Partridge" by Rebecca and David McBurney

"Fire King" by Wayward Harper
"The Hug" by Ann James

"The Kiss" by Ann James
"The Miggy Tree" by Anna Walker
"Waratah" by Marta Salamon
"Waterfall Fish" by David McBurney 
"Earth - Love Flamingoes" by Patricia Mullins
"Tree Flower" (detail) by Shaun Tan

"The Squiggly Garden" by Stephen Michael King

"Little Nessa" by Nadia Turner
"Owls of the World" by Darren Henderson