Friday, April 17, 2015

Behind the Studio Door with Mark Wilson. Edition 3, 17 April 2015

Don't miss our third edition of Behind the Studio Door, this time with Mark Wilson.

"Welcome. Come into my studio, which is an old garage, and I love it. There’s plenty of natural light and a high ceiling for big canvases. The walls are covered with half finished paintings, pictures, postcards, photos and inspirational things - again, some very old things. 

I have children’s art up all around me. It inspires me. Children naturally experiment with colour and pattern without even knowing it. Pick a colour – any colour. They don’t care if purple shouldn’t go next to dark green or whatever. I spent so many years following the colour and design ‘rules’ of my teachers. Never again! They should have six year olds teaching painting at art school. (Image 2) I think that is why I like painting big abstract canvases. There is a freedom of expression and technique that is liberating. No pre-conceived ideas. No visual constraints. Pure self expression, like a child doing finger-painting!..."

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