Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goodbye Australia, Hello Korea! - Nami Island

We left Melbourne on a 35 degree day and stepped out of Incheon Airport, South Korea, to minus 3 degrees and snow! 

Our first day was an adventure we'd been really looking forward to - a visit to Nami Island - the very tiny Naminara Republic of Korea. At the Nami office in Seoul we met Fred Minn (grandson of Nami Island founder,  Min Byaong-do) publisher of NAMI Books, and Olivia who was our guide for the day.

The ferry ride vistas were teeth shatteringly beautiful - luckily the journey took only ten minutes - The island celebrates peace, nature and creativity - the core values of its founder, Mr Min Byaong-do.
We spent a wonderful day exploring with our very generous host,  Bobby Minn, also grandson of the founder.

Nami is host to many cultural events and exhibitions including NAMBOOK, an International Children's Book Festival, and the Asia Folk Music Festival.

Our very own Frane Lessac & Susanne  Gervay were guests at the Nambook Festival in 2010 when they painted the rock photographed below!

Nami is also the major sponsor of the Hans Christian Anderson Medal, administered by IBBY.
This year from April through May, Nami will host Nambook-013 and the Inaugural Nami Island Illustration Concours for Picture Book Illustrations (NiiiC).

We met the marvelous and very generous Mr Kang Woo Hyon, artist, illustrator and President of Nami Island, and spent precious time in his studio.

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